Shadow box with Minho dancers

Shadow box with Minho dancers

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Pair for dummies representing a couple of Minho dancers in a white shadow box.

Handicraft made from leftover textile material and embroidered details. This dummies are not glued, and can be separeted from the box. 

Decorative object that can be hanged.

Dummies body length: 15 cm

Single item.

Local craftsmanship produced by APPACDM-Viana do Castelo, social solidarity institution.

Composition Shadow box: MDF and glass; Dummies: stuffed with cotton pillow filling material. Soft cloth body, and patchwork clothing
Size and dimensions Shadow box: 20,5 x 15,5 x 4,5 cm approx.; Dummies: 15 cm
Other information "Manel e Maria" (Manuel and Maria) were quite common names among the population. But this common expression is also used in Portuguese (informal or colloquial) for refer in a generic and anonymous way to a group of people or collective. Thus, they represent a whole, nevertheless this expression tend to assume a caricatural tone. Here it is assumed as folklore, a symbol of popular culture .... So, this couple of "Manel e Maria" are wearing traditional costumes from Minho region.

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