Set of 2 mugs with "sweetheart handkerchiefs" design

Set of 2 mugs with "sweetheart handkerchiefs" design

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Set of 2 mugs packaged in a cardboard box with fiancé handkerchief design.

Heart-shaped wing. Decorated on both sides.

A nice present to your best friend!

Size and dimensions Mug of 220 ml. Cardboard box: 27 x 10 x 7,5 cm
Other information The design and printing of this pair of mugs are inspired in love messages embroidered into handkerchiefs which were popular in the north of Portugal during 19th century to first decades of 20th century, when people stopped using handkerchiefs and declaring their love publicly this way. These patterns of sweethearts or valentine's handkerchief hand-embroidered, are reproductions imitating cursive handwriting, the hearts, the birds, spelling mistakes and all, authentic to the era when girls of marrying age were very young (by modern-day standards), naïve, and less educated.

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