Red woollen skirt of lavradeira from Areosa

Red woollen skirt of lavradeira from Areosa

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One of the most iconic skirts of  "lavradeira" costume in Viana do Castelo region.

Red woollen skirt used in Areosa (parish), woven in a handloom with pulls of several colours forming patterns. At the bottom of the skirt a red woollen flannel bar hand embroidered with perlé cotton threads of different colours, sequins and beads, in addition to golden metallic thread.

Finished at the top with a ruffle. Edged with red nastro ribbons. Inner lining of the skirt, at the bottom, in red plaid.

This garment (with 4 metres long) it is a part of a traditional attire from Viana do Castelo - Areosa. Also called "lavradeira".

Note: the skirt opening must be wearing towards the front, covered by the apron.


Composition 80% wool, 15% cotton, 5% other
Size and dimensions Height: 86 cm; waist: 80 cm; round skirt with 4 Meters. This skirt weights of approximately 2300 g.
Care advice Do not wash. Dry clean only

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