Blue lavradeira costume from Meadela

Blue lavradeira costume from Meadela

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Reproduction of one most beautiful costume from Viana, the blue lavradeira costume from Meadela.

This is one of the richest costumes. The skirt and the apron both woven in a handloom. The skirt has green and blue strips, with pulls.  The lining of the skirt is embroidered in beads and small sequins. The geometric pattern apron is topped by a black wool flannel waistband embroidered with coloured beads. Beaded waistcoat, blue embroidered linen shirt, algibeira or side pocket with beads of various colours, hand-fringed kerchief. And finally, to finish the set: White lace socks and slippers on her feet.

Care advice In order to preserve your costume, keep it in a clean and dry place. If any garment need cleaning, dry clean only.
Other information All the garments are handcrafted according following the traditions used in Minho. Hand embroidery.

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