Fiancé handkerchief from Minho - my heart and yours

Fiancé handkerchief from Minho - my heart and yours

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This finacé handkerchief embroidered by hand in colorful cotton threads has two hearts and a key, symbols of love and trust.

«My heart and yours / always together will be and / there is nothing in this world / that can torn us apart»

Genuine craftsmanship of Minho region.


44 x 44 cm

Composition 100% Linen. Embroidery: 100% perle cotton threads
Size and dimensions 44 cm x 44 cm
Care advice Hand wash or machine wash up to 40º, do not use bleach, iron at high temperature. Dry in the shade.
Other information The Fiancés Art is a essencial part of the popular art and tradition. Fiancés Kerchiefs "Lenços de Namorados" are introduced as the most genuine poetic and artistic form used by the young girls of Minho to express their feelings when they were about to reach the age of the marriage, and aspired to win their fiancés hearts. They were for most part square shaped linen or cotton made and embroidered according to the taste of each embroideress, as a part of the female attire they had other purpose: the proof of the embroideresses devotion towards the men they were in love.

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