Embroidered wooden clogs in blue and red

Embroidered wooden clogs in blue and red

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Wooden clogs lined in linen and hand embroidered in Viana do Castelo embroidery.

Sole in eucalyptus wood covered with rubber at the bottom. Leather interior with dark blue leather insole. Leather upper covered in embroidered linen.

Handcrafted product produced in Alto-Minho by a clog-maker.

They usually wear one number down, otherwise they will fit loose on the feet.  Available in sizes 36 to 38 (european size)

Made in Portugal, Ponte de Lima
Size and weight A pair of clogs size 37, weighs approximately 560 g. The heel is approx. 4 cm tall. Please note that sizes are large. A number less than what you normally wear should be enough.
Other information Wooden clogs produced by ARTESANATOCS, a Portuguese brand from Ponte de Lima, which combines two great knowledges: the art of working leather and the art of clog makers. Rubber-coated wooden soles. Leather interior. Exterior lined with rustic linen embroidered by hand in Viana do Castelo embroidery. Entirely handcrafted.

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