Heart box embroidered in turquoise metallic thread

Heart box embroidered in turquoise metallic thread

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Heart box or jewellery box in the shape of a heart with a lid embroidered in gold metallic thread with sequins.

Genuine handicraft from Viana do Castelo. Box assembled under cardboard and covered with fabric, which is embroidered by hand.

It can be used as a jewellery box or as a box to store small objects.


Box Length: 20 cm; 

Width: 17,5 cm; 

Height: 6,5 cm

Please note: unique item in this embroidery color. Also available with golden embroidery (one item only).

Size and dimensions Box Length: 20 cm; Width: 17,5 cm; Height: 6,5 cm
Care advice Keep in a dry and clean place free of dust or moisture. Dust can be removed with a damp cloth using products with neutral PH or a soft brush.

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