Hand painted bandstand of Barcelos

Hand painted bandstand of Barcelos

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Beautiful bandstand with musicians in molded clay and painted by hand.

Figured from Barcelos signed by the Baraça brothers.

Piece height: 23 cm

Width: 14 cm

100% Portuguese craftsmanship

Size and dimensions Height: 23 cm; Width: 14 cm
Other information A bandstand (sometimes music kiosk) is a circular, semicircular or polygonal structure set in a park, garden, or churchyard, designed to accommodate musical bands performing concerts. Figured from Barcelos, as a handmade product from Barcelos, started as a subsidiary activity of pottery, in his spare time and taking advantage of small portions of clay, small pieces were made for children to play, namely figures of people or animals where they were placed at the base of them a whistle. Figured from Barcelos is distinguished from any other production, assuming unique characteristics, either in shapes or colours, with pieces that represent scenes of a religious and / or festive nature (saints, nativity scenes, Christ) or referring to daily life (professions, people, festivities, etc.), the bestiary (devils, deformed and ambiguous figures) various figures and miniatures where the famous Galo de Barcelos stands out.

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