Bride and groom from Minho

Bride and groom from Minho

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Couple of figures representing a bride and groom or "noivos" from Minho in their traditional wedding costumes. 

These figures are made from paper pulp / "papier mâché", moulded and hand painted. The “Cabeçudos” are a contemporary craftsmanship, inspired in the traditional Gigantones & Cabeçudos that can be seen in the great city festivities and parades of Minho.

Genuine product. Minho handicraft.

This article consists in a pair of figures:

1 Female 

1 Male

Composition Paper pulp (papier mâché)
Size and dimensions 20 x 10 cm approx. each figure
Care advice Fragile support. Display in a dry place.
Other information The introduction of ”Gigantones & Cabeçudos” in Festivities of Our Lady of Agonia, in Viana do Castelo, dates back to the late nineteenth century. This folk tradition was imported from the Spanish region of Galicia. The giants and the big-headed are human figures between 3 and 4 meters high and can be seen in groups or couples dancing to the sound of "Zés Pereiras". The “gigantones” are accompanied by the big-headed or “cabeçudos”, smaller figures with a huge head in relation to the body. These figures are made of paper pulp (papier mâché) in a kind of helmet. Imbedded in this secular tradition, the artisans of Viana do Castelo made this contemporary creation, which are handmade miniatures and hand painted pulp heads, as an expression of Minho traditions and folklore.

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