Blue skirt of lavradeira embroidered in colours

Blue skirt of lavradeira embroidered in colours

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Traditional skirt woven in a traditional handloom. At the bottom of the skirt a black woollen flannel bar hand embroidered with colorfull flowers. Pleated waistband garnished with blue cotton ribbons to made the closure and adjustable to the waist. Inner lining of the skirt, at the bottom, in blue cotton plaid.

This kind of skirts were wearing by Minho woman in festivity days, parades and to attend religious celebrations e.g. This kind of skirt can be seen on a traditional costume of "Lavradeira" ("azul" or from "Dem"). 

This garment (with 4 metres long) it is a part of a traditional attire from Viana do Castelo. Also called "lavradeira" skirt.

Note: the skirt opening must be wearing towards the front, covered by the apron.


Composition 80% wool, 15% cotton, 5% other
Size and dimensions Height: 84 cm; waist: 76 cm; round skirt with 4 Meters. This skirt weights of approximately 2300 g.
Care advice Do not wash. Dry clean only

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