Blue grey side pocket embroidered with glass beads

Blue grey side pocket embroidered with glass beads

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Blue grey or "blue steel" algibeira or side pocket in wool flannel and with cotton ribbon. Embroidered with grey glass beads.

Made in our atelier.

Composition Blue grey or "blue steel" wool flannel and cotton ribbon. Embroidery in wool and grey glass beads.
Size and dimensions Height: 23 cm Width: 16,5 cm
Care advice Do not wash. Can be dry cleaned.
Other information The pouch or side pocket - "algibeira" is one of the most iconic item from Minho traditional costume. It almost always takes the shape of a heart, or resembles itself with a woman's shape. It is a small outer pocket, used between the skirt and the apron of the popular costumes. The word "Love" is embroidered very often. Embroidered in wool or cotton treads, with beads and sometimes sequins, they come in the most varied colors.

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